Prevention is primary
Regeneration is rule
Replacement is an option

About Dr. Satyam Patel

Being an orthopedic surgeon with training and experience in India, Germany and America I used to believe in the philosophy of pain medications and surgery for any chronic musculoskeletal problems like back pain, joint pain, neuromuscular pain, ligament /tendon pain etc. But practically patients were not getting well on a long-lasting and permanent basis and that all measures were either suppressant measures which used to work on a limited basis and more important with many side effects

As i started studying the regenerative philosophies of medical treatment, I was spellbound to see miraculous results in the patients with very long and chronic pain of any musculoskeletal system without conventional medicines and surgery. I support giving natural vitamins and minerals for the body healing. There was a paradigmal shift in understanding of any problems and its natural and practical solutions.

I practice regenerative therapies with following foundations

  • Nature always heals
  • Nobody can micmick the original
  • Have faith and trust to heal yourself
  • Healing has to be wholesome rather than structural
  • Life is live in freedom everyday
  • Miracles happen
  • The doctor of future will be the one who will treat the human frame with nutrition rather than medicines

I invite you to share your experience with me and to understand a new concept in natural healing without any side effects

About Shree Orthocare Clinic

I have always believed that a clinic has to be a temple of healing and that it has an environment which touches the heart and calms the mind. Shree orthocare clinic has a mission to bring about solutions of chronic musculoskeletal problems in a user friendly way.

Our clinic has various audiovisual presentations and posters which strike the chord of every patient and that the visit becomes more of a learning experience in an innovative way.

We approach the patient with thorough history, required investigations and comprehensive counselling. Patient becomes the partner in making a choice for the treatment. Treatment is highly individualized with following facets

  • It has to be effective
  • It is nature oriented
  • It is user friendly
  • It is inexpensive as compared to surgery and conventional medicines
  • It is with practically no side effects

For us pain is not a symptom but a disease in itself so it would be a pleasure to help you...